Monday, April 23, 2007


Friday, 7pm.

Alex is climbing a tree, Shane is supervising, Emma is watering plants.

Shane: Hold on a minute – let me see your side (pointing).
Alex: (bemused, halts on branch, part-raises right side of t-shirt) Why?
Shane: I just noticed you’ve got a few marks (examining the three small offending red blotches) and I wondered what they were.
Emma: What do you think they are?
Shane: I’m not sure, but they look a bit like… (raises left leg of own trouser to reveal five similar blotches) these!
Emma: Oh, scabbos – my boys - you’re diseased!
Alex and Shane: What?!
Emma: Oh, you’re making me feel itchy – how long have you had them?
Shane: I noticed mine on, er, Wednesday. I assumed they were a heat rash from wearing shin pads.
Emma: And you, little man, didn’t have those marks when you showered this morning.
Alex: What are they?
Emma: I don’t know. We’ll take a trip to the 24-hour pharmacist and see if they can explain.

Pharmaceuticals were dispensed and Saturday morning saw a clear Alex, and a much-faded Shane-rash (we suspected minor allergies or bug bites).

Saturday, 8pm

Alex is drawing a picture – it looks like… an omelette.

Shane: What’s that that you’re drawing?
Alex: Our disease.
Shane: Oh right, yeah – good dots. But what’s that that you’re drawing them on?
Alex: (concentrating) Some cheese – like the holey cheese, but with disease instead of holes.
Shane: Ah yes, very good.


PI said...

Glad the disease is getting better otherwise Emma might have had to precede you and Alex on your jaunts ringing a large bell!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Probably it was nothing other than malaria-mosquito bites. You'll be well by 2008, so not to worry.