Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I've previously linked to the following, but I feel that it's a really good note on which to close 2008. Thus, featuring a one-eyed fatty, a punch in the nose and a hat rack fire - 'ave it - probably my most favourite (short) blog post of all time.
I wish she'd write more.
Now then, resolutions, resolutions...

Friday, December 19, 2008


For those of you who I know in actual real-life human being form, this is not for you. If you have not received a real Christmas greetings card, then it's because I disagree with your views on football.

To the rest of you - Uncle Willy, Aunt Nilly and all - rejoice! I created this delightful sketch for you. See. I care. Really. I do.

I hope I don't offend anyone this Christmas.

I hope my car doesn't breakdown. I've got to drive 170 miles from 3pm on Christmas Day. In 2006, part of the M1 was blocked, so I had to drive through Wakefield. Have you ever been to Wakefield? On a Christmas Day? It was weird. I hear that they pronounce 'The Westgate Run' as 'Westgate Run'.

Baubles is an unusual word. Doesn't sound 'pretty'.

Until and through 2009, relax and be good to yourselves.

And don't forget, the best blogs are those with the seamless narratives.


Monday, December 15, 2008


So there I am...

...laptop, Christmas tree, digital central heating controller yet to be afixed to the wall (small white box, left of image) - the epitome of Creative Professional at Large. Following a cursing Friday, I was coarsing through Monday - like nobody's business, or rather - like my business. As I'm calling and emailing The Great and The Good - in order to bring about a most handsome project, I bash out yet another email, to confirm The Vision. Cutting to the chase, I set about mentioning that, 'In a nutshell, the meeting is about...'. Reviewing my fine Visioning, I am aghast to note a typo - a typo that speaks of choppy waters, of contingencies, of... a darkening Vision? It reads:

'In a nuthell, the meeting is about...'

Nuthell?! Most unseemly. My continuing problems with the 'S' key on the laptop, yields a vision of allergic reactions, of working with loonies, of squirrels unwell.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Chicken tikka on granary, an earl grey and a tin of ginger beer:

From the museum cafe, I noticed an office worker taking a stroll during a smoking break. Before the boarded-up, pagoda-like, red-brick building, she paused and took in its frontage. It would have been just over a decade since I sashayed my way around that same space, ultimately falling into the arms and later the bed of H - an attractive woman, the next year's muse.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


At the top of Broad Street, Hanley.

Heading for the city centre, and the purchase of a fountain pen, I turned to my left.

Shane: Wow! Look at that sunset*.

Alex: Cool! If I had my sketchpad and good pens, I'd sit on (pointing) that bench and draw it.

Shane: I bet it would be good too, your drawing.

Alex: Mm.

(* Mine is not the most sophisticated of cameraphones)


Bumble, fumble, whimsy and flimsy. This month's profile image:

Posted as a discreet blog-post, as the above image was only appearing in miniature through the profile page. A profile page link to this page should get around that.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Two Saturdays ago, taking lunch at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Alex ate and then began ferreting about the cafe for something to engage him. After a minute or so of drifting about, he excitedly returned to Emma and I, having found a 'mystery note', secreted in the grill of a radiator.

The note read:

'Romantic words.

It's not possible to say whether the writing is that of a child or an adult, and it's not that I want to know either. But what a find... 'Romantic words. Deeply.' Gorgeous.

Monday, December 01, 2008


For those who dropped by - fleetingly or otherwise - during my November of haiku, I thank you. I liked the regularity of form of those posts, though some were hugely, grimly, contrived. I won't post every day this month, though I am going to stick to a standard form. One image from everyday life, plus a few related words - that'll be the standard for December. And so:

'Shoes, Jewellery, Handbags, Accessories'... it's What Women Want (WWW), apparently. As I shuttled through Burslem, a couple of months ago, the OMGness of this shop's name and pitch left me so stunned that I would later resort to using the abbreviation 'OMG', publically. Mm. Exactly. I must have been in a hurry - hence the wonky shot. Wonky... what a wonderful word wonky is. As is wonkish (the broad meaning of which I didn't know until a moment ago). Of the minimal shopping for Christmas gifts that I'll be doing this year, I regret that none of the women who I'll be buying for will be entreated to the little luxuries that WWW offer.

I'd be doomed!