Monday, December 01, 2008


For those who dropped by - fleetingly or otherwise - during my November of haiku, I thank you. I liked the regularity of form of those posts, though some were hugely, grimly, contrived. I won't post every day this month, though I am going to stick to a standard form. One image from everyday life, plus a few related words - that'll be the standard for December. And so:

'Shoes, Jewellery, Handbags, Accessories'... it's What Women Want (WWW), apparently. As I shuttled through Burslem, a couple of months ago, the OMGness of this shop's name and pitch left me so stunned that I would later resort to using the abbreviation 'OMG', publically. Mm. Exactly. I must have been in a hurry - hence the wonky shot. Wonky... what a wonderful word wonky is. As is wonkish (the broad meaning of which I didn't know until a moment ago). Of the minimal shopping for Christmas gifts that I'll be doing this year, I regret that none of the women who I'll be buying for will be entreated to the little luxuries that WWW offer.

I'd be doomed!


Meanwhile... said...

In defence of Burslem, we do have the city's greatest off-licence and Indian restaurants, a nice Polski Sklep selling coronaries by the kilo, and a (tasteful) artsy shoppe too!

Not for nothing do they call it Stoke-on-Trent's Camden Town. Really. And Queen Street is our Mayfair.

And, if you ever need a quick "I Spy" to edutain the family whilst in transit, try spotting "obvious" sex establishments between Longport BP garage and Smallthorne roundabouts.


Shane said...

Meanwhile - like Strictly Come Dancing, your comment both pleases and appalls me in equal measure. I'm wondering which artsy shop you refer to... that one that has the 'Local Edition' news rack outside - just down from the School of Art? Every now and again, I hear things about Burslem that make me want to dig deeper (on many levels, The Leopard is one of the shiniest lights within the city - will next be there, Sat 13th Dec [cf. blog post of 09.10.08], all being well - wellness which can't yet be guaranteed).

I'm amused at the (your?) Camdenization of Burslem. Ditto the edutainment option. Partner and I were driving from Tunstall back to the southside late last Friday and some of the human phenomena along that stretch between the NatWest/Kwik Save roundabout and the BP Garage were... well... let's just say they really were...

Absolutely, putting the F into OMFG!

Beth said...

I'm a woman.

I like earrings and bags but not 'handbags'. Shoes come from Clarks. As for 'accessories'...I supose I could do with a new scrunchy for my pony tail, if someone were really desperate for gift ideas. Mostly, What I Want is to be found in Paperchase (or similar).

Hope this helps?

Shane said...

Since I trust you, Beth, I'll acceot that you're a woman. (Note to others: other such bold claims of womanhood may be challenged.) Paperchase, you say... yes! They'll sell box files, too. Very useful indeed. One in green, one in red, Merry Christmas and a Happy Tidy Office. Result!
Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvve Go-olllllllld Riiiiinnnnngggggs!

Meanwhile... said...

Now come on ;-)

Camden Town is *far, far* seedier than Burslem, and more of a shithole to boot.

You will observe, dear boy, that even coke-snorting metropolitan hacks now concede that Burslem shits on even Bayswater. Readily.

[Granted, the Mother Town could use a thespian cry of "SCRUBBERS!" every now and again.]

And, the Leopard is indeed greater than the sum of all other Stoke pubs.

cf. the Bull's Head.

Good day to you.

Carnalis said...

i read 'gratuitous bondage' from your delightful sketch, and briefly considered that you had hit the nail on the (my) head of WWW (i already have the boobage, and handbags are just not my bag, so to speak)

PI said...

Ignore my latest comment - I missed a post or two.
Re Beth - you know what I am and I'm feeling quite proud that I politely turned down the offer of a new pearl necklace recently.
Mind you I may have second thoughts when the virtue wears off.