Friday, December 05, 2008


Two Saturdays ago, taking lunch at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Alex ate and then began ferreting about the cafe for something to engage him. After a minute or so of drifting about, he excitedly returned to Emma and I, having found a 'mystery note', secreted in the grill of a radiator.

The note read:

'Romantic words.

It's not possible to say whether the writing is that of a child or an adult, and it's not that I want to know either. But what a find... 'Romantic words. Deeply.' Gorgeous.


Tim said...

Sounds like somebody started a haiku then couldn't get past the first line.

Do you read Found? If not, I think you'd like it.

Shane said...

Found - what a find.

PI said...

Are we doing it
You said a month only but
I really don't mind:)

What a find of Alex's. I would say it's an adult - possibly - and ancient.

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