Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Still awaiting a copy of the missing uncle’s death certificate, in anticipation of the most likely next step, I sought location information regarding a grave.

From: Shane Wexford
Sent: 11 September 2007 08:02:18
To: islingtoncamdencemeteries@islington.gov.uk

Subject: Q re grave location

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am trying to locate the grave of an uncle of mine - 'Thomas Wexford' (born 30th May 1960) who had his death registered in May 1985 in Islington. Without having an exact date of burial (but presuming it to be around May 1985), would your service be able to help with this search?

With best wishes,

Shane Wexford


And only five hours later:

From: Williams, Peter
Sent: 11 September 2007 13:03:21
To: Shane Wexford
Subject: Re locating a grave

Hi Shane,

Thank you for your email regarding the grave location of the late Thomas Wexford, I can confirm that he is buried in Grave No 25192 Section CZZ. This is a public grave which means there are other unrelated people buried in this grave. The section CZZ is located on the junction of Joint Road and Strawberry Vale Brook. I am attaching a map for your convenience.

Kind regards,


Peter Williams
Memorial Administration Officer
Environment & Regeneration
Islington Council
Islington and Camden Cemetery Services
High Road, East Finchley.

London N2 9AG
Tel: 020 8883 1230

Fax: 020 8883 2784

Emma: (tentativey) It sounds like he might not have had anyone.
Shane: Yeah.
Emma: It's important that you find out as much information as you can before you share this with your Dad.
Shane: Yeah.

This weekend, I will see my Dad - very briefly - on Saturday morning. There will be no mention of any of this.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Does Sherlock Holmes know you are treading on his turf?

Shane said...

The sheer helpfulness of people is detracting from any Holmesian sense of pursuit and mystery, but still, my wearing a deer-stalker and smoking a pipe seems apt.

Lord Bargain said...

I would never have suggested for one minute that graves were categorised and catalogued in such an organised manner.

Am impressed with your search skills, however...

PI said...

How brilliant that you got an immediate response. What a puzzle. Where do you go from here? For your uncle's sake I am so glad that you are pursuing it.

having my cake said...

This has really piqued my interest, Shane. Looking forward to reading more about the quest.