Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Emma is a vegetarian. I am not. Having snacked her way to completing her PhD thesis, Emma is now on the Food Doctor diet. Though I am not, I am enjoying most of the FD’s meal suggestions.

Today, Emma plumped for a healthy lunch. I did not.

As I stood in the kitchen, pouring a drink, a nightingale sang:

Emma: (calling) That is pathetic!
Shane: (calling) What?
Emma: (calling) You have constructed a ham roof for your chips!

Returning, I met Emma’s eye.

Shane: The roof is in your best interests.
Emma: (pause) I suppose you think that’s funny.
Shane: Now, don’t let the ham come between us… my love.
Emma: (a sort of harrumphing snort noise)

See, when Emma said that I had to support her with the diet, I listened.

Go me!


bittersweet me said...

i can't see the photo .. and i feel like i am missing out

Shane said...

Really, you are not missing out. In fact, it is your good fortune that you don't get to see an image that evidences such gross culinary indecency.

having my cake said...

I think it only fair that you should at least try to support your partner in her culinary choices. If I have to give up meat every time I go and visit the vegan Ruf, surely you can manage to snarf ham in secret?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

There is much scientific evidence to prove that diets don't work but sensible eating habits do.

I think chips are sensible.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Chips are sensible only if they lack salt, football cleats and good sense. Sort of a no-chip chip.

PI said...

As a Lancashire lass I was given a chip pan for a wedding present. I think it must have been the sixties when it was banished and my poor deprived children never had chips made by me.
Listen to Hoss he is old and wise - like me - but not as much.
BTW that ham is exceedingly pink!

Shane said...

I feel chastened. Tonight, we ate puy lentils and stir-fried mixed vegetables. But, that said, Z has a point - they were sensible chips.
Cake - 'Try to support your partner'... if only you knew...
Z - yes to that, and that.
Hoss - 'cleat' - that is not on my list of Familiar Words. It's late, and you're testing me. Och!
Pi - I wonder whether your Lancashire Lassness has faded. I imagine it has. In retrospect, the ham is rather pink. Sh**!

PI said...

Faded? Moi? How very dare you!