Wednesday, February 27, 2008


In the middle of the night:

Emma: (startled) What was that?!
Shane: (woken) What?
Emma: That noise. Something fell. What was it?
Shane: (lying) I was awake. I didn’t hear anything. Go to sleep.
Emma: (turns over, falls asleep)

Next morning:

Emma: In bed last night – the earth moved.
Shane: That’s very kind of you, but maybe you exaggerate.
Emma: Not you, you idiot!
Shane: Self-service?
Emma: What! It was an earthquake – which you missed - even though you were ‘awake’.

I turn on the radio – Radio Five Live from the BBC. I have it confirmed that the standard British response to an earthquake is to make double entendres.


LB said...

The standard British response to *anything* is to make a double entendre. I could give you one right here....

LB said...


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

The standard British response to a double entendre is to laugh. Ha, ha, ha.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I note, by the map, that Grimsby was not in the epicenter. That is such fine news.

I was in one of those once. Smaller roar, though, kind of like a Tabby Cat might do.

PI said...

I'm suffering from earthquake deprivation. Did I ever tell you about my experience in Ithaca? It was early one morning...