Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The One-Minute Wednesday (podcast?) will return - possibly on a Thursday, or a Monday - they'll be better, shorter, and will feature guests. Right now, I'm not making time to edit audio. In fact, I'm in a personal blogging lull. On the work front, one project is being turned into a blog.

We is busy, like.

For now, in the style of the great Trainspotting publicity materials, life is:

Get up. Don't shave. Sort boy. Nod at strangers. Email people. Call people. Visit people. Frown. Listen. Talk smart. Repeat thrice. Pick up messages. Re-arrange diary. Write stuff. Dodge bullets. Think big thoughts. Dodge clowns. Miss football. Consolation swim. Read to child. Stroke cat. Stasis. Go to bed. Repeat.

Normal flightiness will resume soon. Just felt like a general blah, or moan, was in order.


Beth said...

'Dodge clowns'

There was never a wiser word.
(OK, two words)

PI said...

I like the stasis bit.