Sunday, March 15, 2009


Throughout Friday, I witnessed attempts at being 'funny for money'. Yes, Comic Relief. With many a motivation good and proper, it's hard to be (publically) critical - try as I might.

Let us turn back the clock.

It is evening, almost 9pm. We are wound-down, following a tough week. We are watching BBC One. Alex is curled into his mother's arms, and I'm wondering about the costs and multiple revenues of this television production.

A genuinely moving short film ends with the narrator stating:
'It is your continued support that enables Comic Relief to keep on helping these children of alcoholic parents'.

Contemplative silence. Broken, thus:

Alex: What about chocaholic parents?

Emma: (stifles laugh)

Shane: Hmm. I don't think it's quite as tough for those with chocaholic parents.

Alex: Mm.

It's the funniest thing I've heard all day. I promptly donate.

(I did also enjoy the short film from Outnumbered. Claire Skinner, as the mum, is really good.)


LB said...

At least this year there was no "repeats" of the little videoettes they make to encourage you to donate. Last time round I had seen the same films twice by the time I went to bed which made me irrationally grumpy.

Don't you think Davina is very good at this sort of thing? I think she manages to tread a very good line between "sincere" and "emotional".

PI said...

It must be a constant joy to have Alex's sayings. You may like to record them. (I mean write them down) I regret so much that I didn't with my 20 yr old grandson who frequently had us in stitches.