Thursday, April 02, 2009


It has been a week for challenging people.
But today, today could be really difficult.
I'm told that the mindset should be about just getting through it.
But no, elated or deflated - it's going to be one of them.
Hopes versus reality, me versus myself - one of them.

--- Update (23:03) ---

Getting up at 5:40am, that felt raw.
Leaving the house, calm descended.
Mid-morning, the going was good.
Late afternoon, suns were shining.
Me versus myself - I won.


Queenie said...

'just getting through it' is only part of the mindset for me, the other part is 'what can I learn from this?'. Hope it goes better than expected.

Shane said...

There were learnings - unanticipated.

Queenie said...

"Suns" indicates interplanetary travel - no wonder you had to get up early! Glad it went well.

PI said...

I'm not a morning person either.