Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Bed-time Blues.

Shane: It's late - you really need to brush your teeth now.

The Boy: But I'm not tired.

Shane: But you still need to brush your teeth.

The Boy: I'm hungry!

Emma: (fails to withhold snigger)

Shane: Look! It's li-ke... past nine o'clock.

The Boy: It's li-ke... a biscuit.

Shane: No! And don't be cheeky.

The Boy: Ohhhhhhhh.

Shane: I'm out of patience. I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I need you to brush your teeth and get into bed.

The Boy: Should I get you a biscuit, too?

Shane: Brush your teeth!

We are less than one week from the official summer not-a-holiday. Many events, many places, await. As a family unit, we are ill-prepared. As a family unit, as for so many others right now, we're having a tough time - a crunchie time - nothing to do with credit, though. Friends and family ask delicate questions and they invite us to hang in there. Some promise change. The audacity of hope - that's how it feels, that's what I hear.

Parting at the school gate earlier, The Boy chirruped, 'Shane! This time next week! Puffin Cottage!' 'That's the spirit', I thought. Got to work towards that same frame of mind - hope springs internal.

He did brush his teeth, and he did sleep well. No biscuits.


Queenie said...

There will be change. For the better? Don't know - but it is a certainty that this, too, shall pass.

Huw said...


Shane said...

Q - I hear you. Was amending post as your comment landed, hence slight out-of-kilterness, now ('better').
H - Yes. Welcome to my new, ruthless outlook - 'Take no prisoners, offer no biscuits'. Quite edgy, really.

Carnalis said...

Boys are universal in their attempt to off-set bedtime (i, too, deny biscuits).

I keep telling myself that it will be alright, one day.

*friendly smile*

PI said...

Shane aka Whackford Squeers. Not!
What Queenie said. And holidays are always a break.

Shane said...

C - My guess is that there'll come a dawning which says, 'This is how it is'. It'll be a kind of revelation that was always there.
P - Whackford Squeers, I like that. I'm thinking ahead to taking an unambiguously selfish and proper break. Actually have an appetite for USA, on a shoestring, if that's viable. That, or a Euro football jaunt.

Scarlet-Blue said...

The trouble with biscuits after brushing is that you have to brush again. Or sluice with whisky.
Pat sent me in your direction!

Queenie said...

'an unambiguously selfish and proper break' - oh GOOD!!!