Monday, November 30, 2009


I receive some text messages from a London-bound chum:-

1. (On the platform)
Am sharing a carriage with MP Rob Flell0. It's Monday, it's Westminster.

2. (Journey begins)
Another politician joins our carriage - it's MP J0an Walley. Am listening in on their conversation. This is just like The Wire.

3. (Well on the way)
And now former mayor Mark Mered1th gets on - though he's in a different carriage. This train is the opposite of a political vacuum.

4. (Journey's end)
I shared carriage with Noddy Holder. Just helped him get unstuck from automatic door. Best journey ever! First class is class!

Entertaining nuggets that break up the morning, though the main theme seemed to get lost somewhere at the end there.


Queenie said...

I've only ever travelled first-class on those weekend upgrade thingies, which isn't quite the same.

Pat said...

First one needs to know these people. The only one I'd recognise would be Noddy.