Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Emma and I take our seats in the theatre, for illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown's 'Enigma' show. All about us, there is an adrenal air of anticipation. Behind us, a young couple take their seats. With thoughts towards the seeds of likely tricks, the young man speculates to his irony-free companion.

Man: Back there, in the foyer - I bet there were loads o' subliminal messages an' that.

Woman: I didn't see any.

I smile to myself.

The show turns out to be excellent - as much for Brown's mastery of the stage, as for the mental mechanics of the acts that we witness. We were sworn to secrecy, so I'll say no more than that.


Pat said...

Some folk have all the fun.

hilaryusfun said...

Were you a fan of the TV show because I was never that convinced. I hear he's awesome live - does he tell you how he does it?

Shane said...

P - Oh pish. I've heard all about you!
H - A large part of the show is about debunking and demystifying some otherwise other-worldly phenomena. I'd only seen a small amount of his TV work, but enough to know that I'd like his own end-of-show unpacking of what had gone before. And so it was.

Brennig said...


LB said...

is he good? I find his TV shows a mixture of 'brilliant' and 'immensely irritating'.

(on an unrelated note, are you still at the same e-mail correspondence doodah?)

Shane said...

Bren - Derren made me do it.
LB - yes to that.