Friday, June 08, 2007



Emma: Amy – who you met last Saturday – she said I should get on Facebook, so I did, and I think you should.
Shane: Facebook – remind me?
Emma: Social networking site – good for keeping up with old friends, and making new ones it would appear.
Shane: But I’m already your friend.
Emma: Yes, ha ha very funny. It’s quite bizarre though – cos before I mentioned to anyone that I was on there I got a few people asking to be my friend – a bloke whose surname is also Surname – I think Dad will know his family, and a message from Lily who’s on there already.
Shane: Must be some kind of device or system whereby people get to hear of particular names or places of new members.
Emma: Mm.
Shane: I’d be a bit reluctant as I found that with the blogging, if I get too into that sort of thing, it can become all-consuming.
Emma: Mm, fair point.
Shane: Ta.
Emma: You’re welcome. (pause) Your range of haircuts over the past couple of years have caused some amusement.
Shane: Excuse me?
Emma: I’ve uploaded loads of photos – and people get to comment on them.
Shane: Oh, Lordy. Oh no – does that include the 24-hour shocker following My Most Expensive Haircut Ever?
Emma: Oh yes – that’s one of the more popular ones – amusement-wise.
Shane: Och, my ‘a bit reluctant’ is increasing at a rate of knots.
Emma: Oh, go on.
Shane: We’ll see.

And on an additionally surprising note, when Alex’ Dad called round earlier (Emma was out), he mentioned that he’d been looking over Emma’s Facebook page. From his comments – all friendly – it rather felt as if he might as well have been living with us for the past few months – so informed was he. This calls for me to use a word that I'm not especially fond of...

I feel a bit weird.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Weird well describes Facebook. I have no page there, but several people have enlisted me as a "friend," including people I do not know. Maybe it's a trophy thing.

PI said...

MTL would kill me if I used his photo as would one of my sons. How weird - two people having the surname, surname.(Just kidding!)
I'm just going to look at facebook.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Facebook, MySpace, Friends Reunited, Twitter, Second Life - is there no end to it? And when do young people find the time to watch TV these days? Blogging will do me, thank you very much (all-consuming about sums it up).

I wouldn't mind seeing the haircut photos though. Any chance of a link? ;-)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Shane, you clearly have your zeitgeist switched on, see here,,2101717,00.html