Sunday, August 05, 2007


Sometimes, you’re actually behind when you think you’re ahead:

Shane: Ken’s coming up next weekend.
Emma: Yeah – Lily said he might.
Shane: Lily said he might?
Emma: Yeah – she’s visiting too. I told her that she could bring her sister and the boy, if she liked. Alex can entertain him.
Shane: Wh-
Emma: She jumped at the idea – ‘Summer Holidays Effect’ – glad to get out of the house and all that.
Shane: But, I thought the sister lived in Cambridge?
Emma: Why should that be a problem – three hours maximum – travel at the right time of day and they might even blitz it in two and a half. They can all have the bunks in Alex’ room, Alex can come in with us, and Ken can have the sofa-bed – sorted!
Shane: (pause) Sorted.
Emma: Has he seen any more of, er, Ellie?
Shane: Mm?
Emma: Ken – has he seen any more of Ellie since her trip?
Shane: Er, no, I don’t think so. But they do email and do stuff through Facebook.
Emma: Of course they do – ye-es, she’s listed as one of his friends. I knew I’d seen the name somewhere.
Shane: Mm.
Emma: You alright?
Shane: I think so.
Emma: You’re awfully quiet.
Shane: Mm. I… I just have the feeling that I’m missing something.
Emma: What do you mean?
Shane: The mass landing all of a sudden – it’s all a bit… sudden. And how come I’m the last to find out that it’s all happening?
Emma: You’ve been busy. You just get your work done and look forward to the weekend – it’ll be good.
Shane: Mm.

I have mixed feelings about next weekend. It seems completely obvious that something is afoot - something that features the old romantic himself, not to mention a desirable young woman... oh, mon dieu.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Ah, what a "love life" Kenny leads, sort of, or obliquely, or off and on. His head is on straight, too, sometimes, it seems.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Well, if nothing else, it should be interesting. For the 'living in interesting times' value of 'interesting'.

PI said...

'something's afoot'
Got it! A DOUBLR wedding!

PI said...

Or even a DOUBLE wedding.