Monday, August 20, 2007


A post in which amateur meteorology is at the fore:

Shane: Look, I think we should still have a crack at it – yes, it’s meant to be wet and misty and horrible, but you know what it’s like – small break in the clouds, then fifteen minutes later we’ve the majestic mountain ahead of us and it’s tops off for top-up tan-time. What do you say?
Emma: (thinks) (frowns) Ok. Let’s do it!

And later, glorying in a haze of mountaineering achievement:

Emma: Bit wet that, wasn’t it.
Shane: (wringing water from pants) Mm.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Summer, eh? Doncha just love it?

PI said...

But it does give we Brits stunning complexions!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Looks to me like you're in a home for Yetis. Or maybe the scene of a Sherlock Holmes flick.

having my cake said...

Is that the Lake District?

Shane said...

It's Snowdon.