Saturday, March 22, 2008


Even though it's the Easter holiday and we're meant to be remembering about how Jesus delivered eggs to the poor people and about how God determined that it would be the Easter period that settled who would get relegated from the Premier League, I've had to work. This began with Emma helping me to structure a piece of writing that I’ve been putting off for a while.

Emma: Grab your notes and the laptop and we’ll plan out what you’ve got to do.
Shane: But it’s late –
Emma: Shane! This is not the attitude. What was it that you said you were going to do this morning?!
Shane: Ohhhhhhhh, the Nike approach – ‘Just Do It’.
Emma: That’s right – you were going to just do it. So, just do it! Go and get your stuff.
Shane: I hate Nike.
Emma: Not relevant.
Shane: But –
Emma: But Nike don’t say ‘Just Put It Off For a Bit Longer’, so just do it.
Shane: (bravely thinks ‘Oh, just do one’)
Emma: Come on – just do it – like you did with cleaning the bathroom. Eh?
Shane: I just did it, didn’t I.
Emma: You just did it – you put on the latex gloves, you made cleanliness happen – you just did it.
Shane: I just did it.
Emma: Let’s do it!
Shane: Sex?
Emma: As if.
Shane: Ouch! That’s a bit fundamentalist.
Emma: If I get you some more latex gloves, do you think that would help?
Shane: Seedy-kinky-latex writing? No. I’ll get my notes and the laptop.
Emma: Good choice.

We are professionals.


suburbanhen said...

I like Nike shoes, I realise this makes me bad.

PI said...

I've been saying that throughout my married lives. Isn't it strange how household chores are a blessing when literary sloth takes hold?