Friday, May 23, 2008


A diversion (with special thanks to Kim for this):

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'Christ man, that Shane bloke has a voice - whatever next! Him uploading pictures of his private parts?!'*

* No.


digallagher said...

My friend Mark does 'The One Minute Mark' (pithy) quite regularly.

Shane said...

Thank you, Di. As this is very much a concept-in-progress, I've taken Mark's approach on board. He has a gorgeous accent and voice (I listened to his 'Lazarus Project' - favourite title).

I'm guessing that experiments in editing with the 'Audacity' software lie ahead.
Note to self: avoid burbley burble burble.

PI said...

That was good Shane and sounded as I imagined you. Now you just have to look like Ghandi and I won't be disappointed:)
Short is good.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Lovely to hear you! Under three minutes could be what the perfect podcast has in common with the perfect pop song. Looking forward to more.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I think you could out-Basil Mr. Rathbone.

Shane said...

We made some recordings in Hay, been playing with editing - time, time, time.
Pi - yes, brevity is good, if not God.
Z - yes, but I fear that 3 minutes may even be overly long (...Emma just tutted - what's that all about?). I'm thinking 'One Minute Wednesday' (but not this week).
O - yes, o-ver pro-nun-ci-a-tion. You will ultimately note the accent hopping all over the place - like some horrible Welsh-Geordie-Irish-Springbok collision. Interesting, if not damned annoying.

bittersweet said...

one-minute wednesday .. yes.

It is interesting how hearing (rather than reading) your voice rounds out rather than distorts my perception (I hope you read that as an compliment to your writing).

Shane said...

Bittersweet, my brain is so mushy peased at the moment (half-term holidays = many activities) that I will believe whatever you say you perceive. Writing... compliment... good thing. Ta. And yes, one-minute Wednesday will be the order of that day.

PI said...

I really want to know what you thought of Will Self.