Thursday, November 20, 2008

#20: Train (Overhead #7)

A Derby-bound train
An actor's lost his ticket -
'Just shut-up and pay'


Carnalis said...

you have been busy .. my google reader is not picking you up, for some reason *frown*

PI said...

An actor shut up
With a captive audience
You're having a laugh?

Huw said...

It was probably
Somewhere in his back pocket
Usually are

Shane said...

c - 'Busy' is relative. 510 syllables per month? I'm quite enjoying this, really.
p - It was a rather mooted performance.
h - You are a wizard. Etymological research suggests that 'wizard' is derived from the generic 'wise man', rather than from 'Man who is able to conjure rail tickets from pocket fluff'.