Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Y' mean like...

We coughed, sneezed, some did worse. We drove up to North Yorkshire, spent time in a cabin in the Cropton Forest (cabin fever?), shared germs with some of the Wexford clan, returned to the Midlands ahead of Christmas Day.

Christmas-New Year:
Respite, and recovery time. On Christmas Day afternoon, I drove up to the north east to see the bloods. Boxing Day was excellent. All of the Wexford clan headed for Sedgefield racecourse - a crisp sunny day, undulating hills proffering gorgeous distant silhouettes of horses and riders as they turned from the back straight for home. And some of us were net winners - good thing.

New Year:
Has begun well - I've broken the back of a couple of really finicky tasks that I'd been putting off for a while. Alex is good - a nonchalant return to school, on the back of a good break with the paternal clan (good people), and a rejoinder with the maternal-plus clan. Emma has returned to the coalface, following a month-long break. Her next proper break is expected to be in June.

Have received communications this week from a couple of people who I'd not heard from in a while. Seems that some old projects have lived longish in the minds of some - pleased about that. Otherwise, otherwise.

Disappointed that Brother Wexford was unable to visit this coming weekend, for a chilly trip to Wolverhampton races. Alex has his birthday next week. A trip to the Tamworth Snowdome will feature as part of the general hurrahness of that. Alex is unambiguously a middle-sized boy, now. His most recently amusing escapade was his devising of a bath-time Water Helmet:-

- Fill jug with water
- Slam it up-turned onto own head
- See how long it takes for all water to drain from the jug - noisy, splashy, funny

The youngster suggested that I wasted yesterday by working - I '...should have gone sledging' - even though I '...would have looked weird' as the lone adult sledger about town. Elsewhere, I may have just fallen out of love with Burton Albion.

Just before Christmas, a pal gave me the graphic novel, 'V for Vendetta'. Before this, I was prejudiced against graphic novels - lots of pictures for nerdy people who can't read proper books. But it's really very good.

I quite miss a few things and people - Ken included. I hope he's ok.
I've got quite a few lines around my eyes, now. I don't mind this.
I really should make time to replace the car. It's beginning to look 'characterful'.

You (highlights):
Just before Christmas, I received a real treat - a Christmas card from Gene - trans-Atlantic wit and wisdom - what more could be wished for.
Thirty years ago, Pat had a date, then made some big decisions.
I'm hoping for good things for LB (recently articulated healthy perspective on stuff that's a bit shit) and The Hen (recently articulated healthy perspective on that posho who's the new Doctor Who).
If I was Prime Minister (which would be a bad thing), then Tim would be my Secretary of State for Provincial Englishness (which would be a good thing). His sole brief would be, 'Get people to see and hear beauty in the taken-for-granted'. I think he'd be good at that.
C had to grim it out a bit through the latter part of 2008. Reading her can be a bit like reading pinball. Brace brace - she's dating.
Zinnia is taking a blog-writing break. I will email her after hitting the 'Publish Post' button.
Huw and Beth have said enough to make me think that I'd really like The Wire (and it's a HBO Series, and they commissioned The Sopranos - so it must be good, mustn't it?). But I haven't got the time...
Meanwhile - that rare thing - a recently spotted blogger who I'm inclined to read. In mid-December, I met Meanwhile, as ladies undressed in the background.
Then there's Esther... or is there.

Blogging and Other Writing:
Some will happen.
Patience is a virtue.
Wagon Wheel is a biscuit.

It's snowing - real proper flakes - like what we used to get, when I was a kid.


Tim said...

And if I was Prime Minister... Oh crap! Run for the hills!
Bless you for the kind words.

Meanwhile... said...

Aw, too kind.

If my car were a 'character' it would a proper medieval-style green man, beloved by weekend pagans with quaint notepads.

This is owing to the fact that is has huge amounts of lichen colonising all the window seals, AND a go-slower stripe as artfully appended (probably) by the members of the Burslem Park Piss-Up Facebook group.

At my last check, there was also a chip plus some curry sauce arranged pleasingly upon the windscreen.

I too was a graphic novel naysayer, till I was introduced to Persepolis (Marjane Satrapi), Exit Wounds (Rutu Modan), Breakfast After Noon (Andi Watson - set in Stoke), and - last but not least - the marvellous Alice in Sunderland.

For serious stuff, try Joe Sacco's drawn reportage of the conflicts in Yugoslavia and Palestine - as subtle and nuanced as any other 'popular' analysis, and much, much more humane.

None of the above can be found in Stoke libraries, sadly.

Meanwhile... said...

Oh, and happy new year, by the way.

PI said...

That's a nice newsy post and thanks tons for the mensh:)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I'm still commenting, though. I miss Ken too, I always enjoyed your posts featuring the dear old buffer. Glad there is much goodness reported in your post. (And I particularly enjoyed the first link.)

Carnalis said...

My car has character - a little like me, perhaps (and not just roomy and reliable) - knocked around at the corners but still running.

.. while ladies undressed in the background. I am still enjoying the puzzle.

I hope the year continues in the good vein.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Interesting turn of words, there: elsewhere, otherwise. So wot's next? Elsewise? I need a definition for that....

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