Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A shadow of my former self...
From Saturday, in fact
As the boy ran about*:

* Out of shot, with about 20 other boys. Football. The young 'n earned plaudits for a battling midfield performance - strong in the tackle, determined in his running. Best of all, the attitude was as good as it gets.
Yesterday (Tuesday), Happy Larry had a couple of pals over after school - we're making this a regular weekly thing (I avoid working on Tuesday afternoons - my favourite half-day of the week). At around 4:30pm, I started to multi-task - knocking about with the boys (playing darts, and baseballing on the Nintendo Wii**) whilst cooking tea.
** An electronic games console - movement-sensitive. If you're playing tennis on the Wii, then the likelihood is that you're tossing and swinging and jumping about in front of your television, with a small white handset sending a signal to a sensor bar just a few feet in front of you.
Anyway, back to Tuesday: Stepping into the kitchen for the final push of my culinary assault, I closed the door to gamish noise and junior high jinx. Soon after, I hear a collective cheer, followed by an angelic chorus (with hints of Jerry Springer audience) of 'Go Jesus! Go Jesus, go! Go Jesus! Go Jesus, go!'. Baffled, I step back into the room. Still playing on the Wii, the boys had created a Jesus character, who - in the control of Alex - had just hit a home run.
'Unorthodox - funny - one to avoid sharing with grandma', I thought, as I returned to the stove.
Jesus, as recently spotted in the Potteries:


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And you can cook? I hope Emma knows how lucky she is:)

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