Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Greek god of irritating grammar and nuisance punctuation?
UPDATE (5 seconds after originally posting): I guess this is the kind of post that Twitter is for swallowing up.


Meanwhile... said...

Mildly relevant:

Pardon my French, but how f*cking patronising is the term "grocer's apostrophe"!

That is all. Except to say that three days ago I bought six braeburn apples in Burslem, in what was formerly your favourite Mother Town outlet, in fact.

The holy grail. I thank you.

Queenie said...

Aspartame: the Greek goddess of slimmers (you have to pronounce the final 'e' though).

PI said...

Queenie: har har.

Meanwhile... said...

You were saying....?

Shane said...


It's a game of percentages.

Re Iran: I have a horrible sense that any social and political shifts that may be nudging forward, are emanating from social media, as well as being communicated and networked through such media. This would yield much less ideologically revolutionary change than much British-based mainstream coverage seems to call for - a bit of 'Out with the old, in with the new-but-much-the-same-as-the-old', perhaps. Really, it's more than I can get my head round.