Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Derby County 3 - 0 Newcastle United.

Sitting amongst fans of the home team, I was the outsider within. Hoping to see Newcastle play a kind of football that would suggest pomp-approaching-glory, things didn't pan out that way. For all of Newcastle's 'clever' play, and their mazily tripping over of the ball, Derby played genius football - simple and effective. Very Clough. The scoreline did flatter Derby, but the honesty of their play, and the commitment of Robbie Savage, saw my non-partisan status become eroded.

Fumbly phoney photo-work, there. Fair to say, it was cold. The old lady beside me did not share her blanket.

It felt good to be lost in 90 minutes of utter nonsense.

On exiting the stadium - two minutes before the final whistle, I caught a note of burger van fried onions in the chill night air. It was a moment for huddling, for moving briskly, and for missing people.

On leaving Derby, I thought about canal boats and ceramics - traces of an earlier meeting, still occupying my mind.

And so it goes.


Tom said...

The burger van - that *is* always the cue for missing people. Funny, that. Or equally, a queue for missing people...

Still, when in the East Midlands, do as the ehupmeduckies do - make haste forthwith to the nearest identifiable cheesy chip retailer.

I'm assuming you didn't. But there is still a smidgeon of cheesy chip grease on my MA dissertation (in the footnotes) for those that know where to look.

Strangely, no-one bothers, and yet at the time I deemed it as meaningful as any theorist I'd read.

If only Derrida had known cheesy chips while there was still time, eh?

Fancy some more fitba soon?

Shane said...

para. 3i: I didn't.
para. 3ii: I recall feeling very pleased with self for referencing various Alan Bennett and Willy Russell plays, Auf Wiedersehn, Pet, and a blog that was even more remote than this one.
para. 5: Not enough humour in the French social philosophers (except Foucault - a noted fan of Benny Hill).
para. 6: Late Feb/March, yes. Pride Park was one that I'd been wanting to get to for a while. Those awaiting: Forest, Wolves, Bham, Stockport (really), Huddersfield, plus any French/Belgian/Irish/Scottish.

Meanwhile... said...

Really. Or really, really?

Let us investigate.

Shane said...

Home tie 13th March (ish) - a Saturday, could be doable. WIll get in touch in week or so, if I spot alternatives - am awash with the need to check in up north - train station beckons.