Friday, August 29, 2008


Tomorrow, I'm going to an exhibition in Long Eaton, near Nottingham. I'm really looking forward to it. Crudely, oh so crudely, I've been telling a few people about it. I have an interest in one of the 12 exhibiting artists - we might be looking at the next mediocre thing. [UPDATE: A really good experience. What to say, where to begin. So good, so very good. I feel all warm inside.]

Also, I hurt my leg playing football today. It's just a muscular thing, but it bloody well hurts when I (try to) walk. I'm prevaricating about going to one of those out-of-hours 'walk-in' health centres. Perhaps they should be called 'ill and injured centres'. See, I could do with some crutches - just for a few days, but it's not as if I'm bleeding to death or anything. So maybe I'll just wait. Until later. When the drunks are fouling up everywhere. [UPDATE: Eureka! A couple of hiking poles just happened to be lying around the house!]

I was in Southwold, Suffolk, earlier this week. The southern end was, well, posher than the north. There were people with double-barrel surnames all over the place. And there were loads of famousish people at the Walberswick Village FĂȘte. It was good to be in East Anglia for a short spell. For a moment, it felt like I was exorcising the ghost of something, someone, that didn't quite work. (((Shudder))).

If that Australian party girl - Sarah - gets kicked out of Big Brother later this evening, I'll win some money. [UPDATE: She wasn't, I didn't.]

I'm rather crushed that Nicole Cutler won't be returning to Strictly Come Dancing. She was the one that I was going to marry.

Ho hum, ho hum.

My leg hurts. [UPDATE: The pain is easing, though it gets stiff awfully easily.]


PI said...

What a shame neither of us had the courage to 'fess up about BB. I blame Zinnia. I'm SO glad Sarah didn't go. I really hate those smug bully boys. How they let your sex down - but then again Nicole set us back hundreds of years. Their parents have a lot to answer for.
The exhibition sounds interesting and I'd love to see the reaction of the artists to each other.
Southwold used to be lovely when the boys were kids.
I do hope your leg isn't as painful as my shoulder has been. My advice is to get it looked at earlier - unlike me, rather than later.

Shane said...

I blame Zinnia, too. We could have educated her, but would she have listened?... No. (Others: I met 'pi' a few weeks ago, in Somerset, for lunch. She was very rough. In fact, she wore long sleeves to hide her snakes and swords and skull tattoos. And she arrived on a motorbike.) Pi, I've slowly warmed to Sara. I had wanted Lisa to win.

The artists' interactions were interesting. Some interesting and formative discussions were had. It was one of those situations where there are moments that you stop and think, 'I really like this'.

The leg will be well. My hiking pole went down very well at the exhibition.

PI said...

I had hoped you wouldn't mention the tattoos and the bike. There's discretion for you.

Paul said...

Hi Shane,

Thanks for popping by my blog. Funnily enough, the dramatic birth took place in Long Eaton.

Also loving the Geordies on the train story. Made me feel like I was at home on the metro.