Saturday, August 09, 2008


I know that it was a while ago, but to those of you who went here and chipped in, thank you very much – the collected responses make for really interesting reading (I wouldn’t just say that). To those of you who haven’t yet dropped in, the door remains open.

+ + + + +

I went overseas with some people; for some it was a holiday – good thing. Returning home, I knew that I needed a break…

Then I headed off again, with just Alex and his grandpa, no Emma (on an alternative personal mission). Alex – a happy boy – adventured (such is our way); Emma’s father – a good man - did some quiet cementing (such is his way).

I still need a break.

+ + + + +

I have a podcast that I’ve been ‘working on’ (about a rarified kind of conversation), but at over six minutes long it is fearfully too long – so it’ll have to be overhauled, or simply posted as text (later in the week). In the mean time, I’m about to lob a sentimental something. Watch out!

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