Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lovers (Overheard #4)

On a train, a conversation is overheard:

GeordieYouth#1: D’ y’ ever listen t’ Radio 1?

GeordieYouth#2: Aye, now an’ again, like. Why?

GeordieYouth#1: Right, they’ve got this nurse comes on, gives people advice – stuff t’ do wi’ re-la-tion-ships. Why she was gannin’ on last night about summat that just sounded right weird – reckonin’ that if peoples’ – lasses – are ganna be, y’ knaa - (more discreetly) gannin’ doon an’ that, they should be wearin’ a (confused) gum shield!

GeordieYouth#2: (thinks) Sounds a bit mad, that like.

GeordieYouth#1: Aye, I knaa.

(a quiet contemplative moment passes)

GeordieYouth#2: Are y’ sure it was a gum shield?

GeordieYouth#1: Aye, I think so.

GeordieYouth#2: I’ve heard of a den-tal dam

GeordieYouth#1: Aye! That’s it!

GeordieYouth#2: (sighs) That’s nowt like a gum shield, y’ daft twat.

GeordieYouth#1: So what is it then?

GeordieYouth#2: Ask your lass, man! Y’ makin’ ’s feel queer, here.

GeordieYouth#1: Ah, aye.

Further down the carriage, a woman passenger fails to suppress a snigger.


PI said...

Well I haven't heard of a dental dam
but then I've led a sheltered life.
I remember we discussed awards and this is the last time I shall participate as I have been spoilt for too long, so am giving you a 'Super Commenter'gong. Do with it what you will. It's at the bottom of my side bar. I can't do deliveries.

Beth said...

Ah, bless, that was lovely.

Took me right back to Biker Grove at its best!

suburbanhen said...

Do you think that those flavoured dam's have a calorie content? Just asking.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I shall be waiting for the interpretation(s). Thankew very much....

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, hell. I think No. 1 has got it just right. Just because the people writing it don't catch on, it's not HIS fault.

Shane said...

pi - my mission is to educate.
beth - good, and that would be 'Byker'.
hen - calorie content - no... they also act some kind of protein blocker (...I made that last bit up).
hoss - I'm floundering... interpretations? You're insane, man. If ever in doubt, ask Patti Pi Pi.