Monday, September 08, 2008


Last week, my young friend mentioned that he and his classmates had had dance practice. In terms of physical education, some teachers prefer to deliver dancing lessons as opposed to potentially competitive sports. At the moment of my hearing that the routine was being choreographed to Michael Jackson's Thriller, it's fair to say that the teacher's star rose.

I spent the tail-end of Friday evening watching the final moments of this year's Big Brother series. A young woman, Rachel Rice, won. From what I've seen and heard of this year's series, it was a win for niceness and moderation and the merits of self-control. As the programme closed, a montage of clips was played, the backing track to which was gorgeous. It's highly unusual that a first-hearing of a song or piece of music really grabs me, but this did. From a search based on the lyrical extract 'Throw those curtains wide', I learned that it was 'One Day Like This', by Elbow:

As you may infer from this post, I've been on YouTube. The next, final piece of music is a hugely uplifting oldish favourite, David McAlmont and Bernard Butler's 'Yes':

Tum-te-tum-te-too, a very good week to you.


LB said...

"Yes" by McAlmont and Butler was my Official Favourite Record Of All Time between 1995 and 2004, you know.

and "One Day Like This" is also genius. Without being a massive Elbow fan I absolutely love that record.

Two splendid choices, there.

PI said...

It's amazing how a particular piece can raise the BB 'look back' to a different level.
It was pleasing that good triumphed over bitchiness. Rachel was a decent simple girl - incapable of all the machinations the nasties accused her of. Snow White lives on!