Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick (Overheard #5)

Awaiting the arrival of the artist, Anna Francis, I idled in the lounge of the North Stafford Hotel. Just within earshot, I recognised an accent - a friendly accent - that recalled home.

Female, 50: What we’re working towards is a situation in which we’re not creating clones, but we are working with the same technique to get the information as quickly as possible, then we end the call.

Female, 35: Yeah. (pause). There’s been situations in which I’ve had to deal with all kinds of profanities and I’ve, well, I’ve not known what to do.

Female, 50: We have guidelines about dealing with that. There is no way in which you should have to listen to profanities – get the information, end the call.

Though I didn't know the exact nature of their business, it didn't really seem to matter. With hardened phrases, the accent had lost its appeal.

Anna walked in, and so I stopped staring daggers at the mangler of the cherished lilt.


Carnalis said...

i found that quite disturbing, even in black and white.


mr bisto said...

I find that as well, you're away from home and you hear a familiar accent but then as you listen to it,it's like some one is dragging their fingernails down a blackboard...every word makes you wince....

PI said...

Apart from the profanities (of course)I reckon they are the little darlings who phone just as we are about to eat lunch or dinner - in spite of our opting out.

Shane said...

CDM (NI) - I don't have your email address. Drop me an e-note.