Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This past weekend, Redders and I embarked on a great football day trip. Scanning the football fixtures, there was one that jumped out. For those of you who know football, you will already have guessed that I'm referring to Walsall versus Hartlepool United, in Football League One.

We took seats that proferred the best view of the action - high above the other three stands, the Floors-2-Go Stand delivered as classy a vantage point as its name suggested it would. Sitting amongst the pie-eating home fans, I was discreet in my desire to see the away team leave the West Midlands with all three points.

15 minutes into the game: Walsall 2 - 0 Hartlepool United

It looked like a long and (Dictionary Heads look away) disgruntling afternoon lay before us.

As the final whistle sounded, the scoreline read:

Walsall 2 - 3 Hartlepool United

A superb second half from the north-easterners, and a hearty drive back up the M6.

How to celebrate, how to celebrate? Er... Ah!...

Not my regular crumble dish, but I quite liked watching the colours of raspberries, strawberries and apples bleed into one another following some deft culinary handy-work. I know, party animal or what!

That was Saturday.

Sunday - as is the case with Sundays without Alex (with his Dad and the extended paternal family) - took the form of 'Which tasks am I behind with?', 'What can I realistically get done today?', 'Shall we go out for lunch?', 'Yes, what a good idea - let's go there - that's far away and that would eat up all time to work', and finally, regretably, 'Soon the silence will be broken and the 50 hours of respite (Fri 4pm - Sun 6pm) will be over'.

As tiring as Alex can be, it is little things - such as finding oneself embroiled in a highly competitive 'Pumpkin Carving Contest' at 7pm on a night before school, that the pleasant silliness of much that should be childhood strikes home. It is also at such times, that what we are managing - with our non-nuclear set-up, jars with much that I hear about during the week - other people, other places.

Good fortune, dear reader.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I want some of that crumble, and I want it now. With custard, please.

PI said...

Did you realise your blog always has a pinkish hue. Not grumbling - it's nice -like Zinnia's crysanthemum.
Yay for Hartlepool! Part of the family live in Peterlee.