Monday, October 27, 2008


With Emma working (brow-furrowed, silence-requiring, tense), Alex and I agreed to remove ourselves from the homestead.

Shane: Put the goggles in the bag and we'll clear off.

Alex: I'm gonna wear the goggles.

Shane: Yeah, I know. Put them in the bag.

Alex: No, I'm gonna wear them now - over my hat.

Shane: (thinks 'You're seven...') Ok.

Driving to the pool, we gave marks out of ten to anything and everything - cars, joggers, the sky, place names, trees - all so very wholesome.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

That is lots better than arguing, which you were going to lose, anyway.

PI said...

Oh I wish I'd known that game before the French came. But I did get then to name the things they liked and didn't like about England.
No Shayne you'll have to read the post:)

PI said...

It's the same with the names Heather and Hilary - I never get them right and I'm afraid I don't always remember there's no y. Sorry.