Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm feeling a bit nervous - got a football tournament tomorrow, which offers three possible outcomes:-

A - Creditable display by self and team (have been trying to pace physical exertion this week, for fittest finest preparation), leading to feelings of contentment.

B - The whole thing is a badly organised shambles (teams from all over England will converge on the West Midlands for it), leading to feelings of frustration.

C - Our team just doesn't gel on the day (we bomb), leading to feelings of frustration (variety II).

Aim: Eat well, sleep well, be sure to take footballing brain as I leave the house in the morning.

If Tuesday's training session was anything to go by, we just might be ok.


Queenie said...

Good luck.

Meanwhile... said...

Even if just the four of you turn up and only the three've got shorts, remember: you are a hard, ruthless, tough fighting unit! EIGHT BLOODY ONE!

PI said...

At least you don't have to remember lines but I feel for you. Have a great day.

Shane said...

q - ta.
m - there were moments when that kind of spirit almost broke out.
p - you speak only The Truth.