Saturday, May 09, 2009


I've changed my mind.

That series of reflections that I was going to post (about reacquainting with The Artist), well they'll have to be sidelined - perhaps to be revived and immersed, veiled or otherwise fronted, in future blog posting, or some such. Now is not the time to write of those reflections. Ongoing dialogue is shifting what and how I understand of my meeting with The Artist, of what we did and what we didn't talk about. Trying to write about this would be hard, and trying to read that would be really frustrating.

And so, more learnings.

Apologies for the obliqueness - episodic and thematic. Maybe one day I'll start writing really crisp, no-holds-barred, let it all hang out type stuff. One day, maybe.

In the mean-time, just be glad that I'm not clubbing you with poetry.


s'hen said...


Meanwhile... said...

what complicated affairs!
are you really Pam Ayresbut with fewer hairs?

:twitchy eyebrows smiley thing:

Meanwhile... said...

grr! damned formatting!

:steam-coming-out-of-ears smiley thing:

Queenie said...

Minds are for changing.

Shane said...

S'hen - Apt use of block capitals - good work.
M - smiley things - they be of another people's language - best left alone.
Q - much like underwear.

Meanwhile... said...

Hmm, have to say I had you down as poem kind of a man. Poetry is ace. No offence, like...