Saturday, May 30, 2009


On Friday evening, I acted against my own prejudices, I stepped into the unknown, I watched men fiddle with balls.

On Friday evening, I engaged with the world of village cricket.

It was really rather pleasant.


PI said...

So much more civilised than the footie. At lest it was in my day.
Is it leather on willow or the other way round?

Shane said...

Leather on bare behind, Pi?... This is not that sort of a blog.

Re your civility point: There is civility within the football fraternity, it's just that it gets drowned out by the noise and the posturing - really. Then again, you're probably right, there's not much more civilised than white woollen sweaters and tea.

Meanwhile... said...

Pimms, Shane?

Shane said...

Meanwhile - You are a hooligan, you wouldn't understand cricket.

Pi - I take back my previous point. This Meanwhile chap is the perfect example of those boorish football types. Rotters, the lot of 'em.

Meanwhile... said...


Indeed, as fortune would have it, one has been selected to represent The North Side at an Annual Croquet Match (really).

That's kroʊˈkeɪ - you see?