Thursday, December 06, 2007


#3 in this month’s ‘Series of Unlicensed Odes’…

Roses, are red
Violets’ hue blue
Your teapot is yellow
And my slippers, have gone missing.


LB said...

can I enquire as to why we have all been suddenly allowed to be privy to your laureate-like work?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

V subversive, Mr W, v subversive.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Oh LB - I do so wish you had left that comment on the first Unlicensed Ode... and I even more wish I'd thought of it myself...

Shane said...

LB - I'm playing. Each month sees slight shifts in the theme / form of my posts - this month's shift is a bit more obvious than usual. I also spent an evening with some poet-types, inc. Ian MacMillan, not so long ago, and I was big-headed enough to think I should have a crack at that sort of writing.
Z - This is a very serious enterprise, subversion and all.

PI said...

MTL when he was an Oxford undergrad wrote:
Iocyanides are red,
Cyanyides are blue,
Here is a scarf,
Hope it suits you.

How I treasured it.
Not unlike your own deathless poetry.
No offence:)

Shane said...

Pi - MTL impresses me. And you remind me of the occasion when I bought bags of plain flour, self-raising flour and chocolate buttons for a love of mine... 'flours and chocolates', you see. Fair to say that I was more amused than she was (gulp).

PI said...

Haar har har!