Monday, December 17, 2007


Last week, I spoke with a few artists, one of whom mentioned a piece of worked based in a piggery. I was impressed. So impressed in fact, that it inspired me to want to write a poem from the seed that was the word ‘piggery’. All was going well. I had several stanzas, a fairly clear narrative, and it was safely put to bed, as ‘twere.

Now, I realise, it was not. It was not saved, it is gone. So, I am trying to dredge my memory - I aim to recreate it. Folks, this is the rough end of the Being an Amateur Poet wedge – yes, The BAP Wedge, as we for-one-month-only amateur poets would have it.

As I have nothing other than this insight into ‘process’ to share here, do feel free to suggest a theme for a series of posts – the iller-advised the better. It will do you no harm, and it just might help drive me towards my short-term piggery ends.

Come, bathe with me in the mud of et cetera et cetera.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

When I was a child, I had a record (remember them?) called Piggery Jokery, by the Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra. I suggest a series of posts with the same titles as the tracks on that record, i.e:

Sadie Green
Motorway Song
High Society
The Wiltshire Plumbers Saga
Sweet Miss Emmaline
Let Your Linen Hang Low
Basin Street Blues
Meet Me Where They Play the Blues
Desperate Dan
The Silly Organ Story
Shim Sham Shimmy
Royal Garden Blues

(I Heart Google.)

Shane said...

Or perhaps, you <3 Google. Lordy, we're with it!

Z, your series suggestion is... is... it really is, isn't it. Quite the thing.

Still open to other offers - terms and conditions apply.

LB said...

what about a series of posts about mundane day-to-day activities and how different they'd be today had the Nazis won the war?

Shane said...

LB, I like the first part of your suggestion - something about making everyday stuff not so everyday. Re the Nazis, I think I'd struggle there - I'd simply resort to load of caricatures from Allo, Allo.

PI said...

My brain feels a bit turgid - its all that mud. You could jump a couple of decades and write as if you are your Dad - or Mum, or not. In any case have a happy holiday and may good things happen to you and yours in 2008.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Piggery, diggery Doc,
The mouse ran up the clock....

Wait...Maybe that's something else.

Picklety feet, picklety feet,
The mouse he was so neat...

That's something else, too. Shit.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Let's see....

Piggery, piggery jig,
The pig ran up the clock.
The clock struck wun sum....

Uh...more later...

having my cake said...

My great auntie had a pig farm. I can remember we went to visit when I was small. Little Sis and I were wearing sailor suits and white gloves for heaven's sake. And we wandered around in the mud watching the pigs getting fed their swill. Then we went inside and had to eat cucumber sandwiches without removing our gloves. Most peculiar.