Thursday, December 13, 2007


So, Alex and I are having one of our intellectual chats this last bath-time. I asked the big man for some advice:

Shane: It’ll be Christmas soon.
Alex: Mm.
Shane: (pause) What kind of a gift do you think I should get my Mum?
Alex: (thinks) Nothing!
Shane: Hmm - bit tricky – ‘nothing’. Maybe something else?
Alex: (thinks II) Love!
Shane: (double-take) Amazing! But what does that look like? And how would I wrap it?
Alex: It’s just hugs and kisses.
Shane: Right-.
Alex: We sing a song at school about how the best gift that you can give is love.
Shane: So, not a Playstation or anything, then.
Alex: No - love.

And the retail sector, it did suffer. Beautiful though.


LB said...

You need to remind him of this conversation when he is thirteen and wants a mountain bike and a Nintendo Wii.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Shock horror news: something's going right in UK education! Well done, Alex's school.

PI said...

Now I know what to say the next time I'm asked:)

bittersweet me said...

You are putting me in the perfect mood for christmas. Delightful!

having my cake said...

Awwww, that is sooooo sweet! So what did you get cos I can tell you that just love would have got you a very cold shoulder in the bed later than evening :) Just love wrapped around a box of Lindor chocolate balls. Now that would have been a passport to heaven...