Monday, December 10, 2007


#5 in the ‘Unholy Ever After Series of Disquieting Verse’ and, oh mon dieu, he’s gone a bit sentimental… he does that, y’ know – in the month of good cheer, too (throws arms up in air) – honestly! – (catches arms… with feet – clever that). So:

Stale cigarette smoke
A cold beer cellar
The club as church
One hell of a fella

Lines about the eyes
There’s untold stories
A glint and a grin
Speak of former glories

An ailing frame
With no admission
A held-back wheeze
Quiet contrition

A café on a cliff
Something to tell?
He turns and he sighs
Son, I’m not well

Look after your Ma
She’ll find it tough
- What d’ y’ mean?
You’ve had enough

Get over yourself
Don’t be daft
You’re not even old
I nervously laughed

But a joke’s a joke
And this was none
Living for the moment
But the moment was gone.


PI said...

I want my Dad!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Bloody hell I actually like that one. Although I think you could lose the 'But' from line 2 of stanza 3. Not that I'm critical or anything.

Shane said...

P - Mm, it is a bit like that.
Z - Mm. Edited.

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