Thursday, January 07, 2010


Years of culinary poverty mean that I'm not a credible foodie, but I do enjoy extending my repertoire of dishes - for cooking and eating. I've rarely invested time into desserts, but last night, following a noodley, gingery, sea bass stir fry, I finished it off with something sweet - as garnered from Valentine Warner.

Shane: There.

Emma: Let's see.

Shane: (shows his piece)

Emma: Eton Mess! You made an Eton Mess!

Shane: Mm, but not quite. That would be meringue with cream and a strawberry-based puree. This is raspberry-loaded. And besides, I couldn't quite bring myself to offer up anything good that brings David Cameron to mind.

Emma: So what is it, then?

Shane: (ponders the words Eton and Mess) (whispers) It's a Stoke-on-Trent Fuck-Up.

Emma: It's good.

Shane: Good. I've learned much this evening about whipping. Whipping is great. Isn't air fantastic.

Emma: (is ignoring Shane from this point - is back to watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with my young sous chef)

I look out of the window and notice our quiet man cat, dancing about in the snow. I wonder what's got into him.


hilaryusfun said...

Stoke on Trent fuck up? Sounds splendid. I make a mean Elkssaka.

Meanwhile... said...

Say what you will, Shane, but I offer this: 'LOL!' (x3)

Well, it started out as a Stokie Fuckup but I trust it ended life as an Eaten Mess?

Meanwhile... said...

And, while I'm sure the big 'E' is very significant, my general pondering of this pressing issue did yield something of a U2 / Sky Sports earworm.