Saturday, January 09, 2010


Maybe I'm beginning to see what so many others, so long ago, saw in David Tennant's Time Lord.


Meanwhile... said...

Cameron's puppy-dog act is horrendous. The 'appealing' (ahem) thing about Brown is that he couldn't spin a top.

Stick Oliver Letwin into the equation and you have absolute horror show material. The slime of Blair allied to Thatcherite politics.

Grim, and guaranteed to be the worst of two evils for the arts, methinks.

Shane said...

It's much darker than any arts.

I find myself half-watching a TV programme called Nurse Jackie, with Edie Falco (formerly Mrs Tony Soprano). For now, it's enough to distract me from blue peril.

Huw said...

The Daleks would vote Tory.

Shane said...

Mm. Self-rule.