Monday, January 04, 2010


Into the shop, I headed directly to the fridge for my standard of skimmed. Moving to the queue, the Professor Sprout being served was in much too much of a flighty, circumspect quiver, to look up for polite acknowledgements.

And through my Monday morning daze, I see and I understand.

A purchase to explain the 'ruddy complexion', and to pop the illusion of 'outdoor type'.

First day of term. She'll need it later.


Huw said...


Took me a day. Says something about my psyche that initially I couldn't get beyond the thought of Anusol.

Shane said...

A lesser man would have thought, 'What the fuck kind of non-post is that?', but not you, Huw, not you. You played ball, and you played well. If a little slowly.

And, er, thanks for that... window on your psyche.

Pat said...

Thank God for Huw! Was it really her? If she likes you she may gift you with a look at her bosoms - as she has been known to do at a wrap.

Shane said...

Oh, come on Pat. It was a teacher - similar in physical stature to the Prof. And please, go easy with your bosom talk... This is a blog so wholesome that you could brush your teeth with it.

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