Thursday, January 28, 2010


Short film on the panart hang (musical instrument), and one of its players (a thoroughly nice chap who I met a couple of months ago).

[Upon first embedding the film, it wrecked the formatting of the blog, hence linky link link.]


Pat said...

Oddly enough - or not - I have just slipped upstairs whilst the Tony Blair Show are having a break. As expected he is batting with great dexterity and aplomb whilst I wait fruitlessly for an apology - admission of guilt or even a small squirm. Fat chance!

Shane said...

Pat - That would be a comment not entirely related to the panart hang (pron. 'hung'), but I do admire your abstraction.

On Blair: I'm thinking that his point about these things never being black or white, right or wrong, but rather demanding 'a decision', is a point that won't be appreciated by many. I'm wondering whether the public gallery/audience might get more restless, as the end of the afternoon session nears.